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Exceptional Training Solutions Should Always Be Your First Choice

At First Choice Training Solutions, we aim to deliver exceptional, above-standard training that provides practical knowledge, hands-on learning, and an enjoyable experience to remember. If you are looking for a Newcastle-based registered training organisation that offers comprehensive training and mentorship, with a focus on the development of practical skills and a deeper level of understanding, in a relaxed and easy-going environment, First Choice Training Solutions should be your first choice.

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Simple and practical training solutions to prepare you for the high-risk work industry

Our philosophy is to keep things as simple and practical as possible and, by combining the two, we can all look forward to a safer future in whichever industry you enter.

First Choice Training Solutions’ mission is to provide training courses whose theory and practical skills content exceeds the regular standards upheld in the high-risk work industry. To accomplish that, we understand that course materials, theory, and skills development all need to be relevant and engaging – and the delivery of the training must be efficient – in order to be successful.

We consistently deliver 3 day courses (2 days for training and 1 day for assessment) and are constantly updating and refining our training courses, to make sure all our courses not only include the most up-to-date benchmarks, and standards, but are also practical and fun. 

Our fully in-house instructors and assessors have decades of hands-on experience, both in the field and training, giving you confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re receiving reliable information and instruction that will better prepare you for the workplace.

What we can offer for your growth

Leaders in High Risk and Health and Safety Training Courses

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Hands-On Learning

Superior training solutions that deliver a unique and effective learning experience

We are dedicated and driven to provide the overall best training experience for our clients. Our learning model incorporates direct experience, mentoring and efficiency, which combine to produce a unique learning experience that is practical, adaptable, and flexible, to accommodate the needs of each trainee.

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Our staff are committed to developing mindsets beyond just what is expected from regular training courses. We don’t just teach our trainees the basics and leave them to learn the rest ‘on the job’, we encourage our trainees to think independently and beyond the scope of the immediate task or problem, and to consider the flow-on effects of their own, and others’, actions.

We want all our trainees to leave our course fully-prepared and ready to hit the ground running, feeling confident that they know everything they need to and more.

Make us your first choice for high-risk work industry training solutions

We provide several training courses that specifically target the high-risk work industry, specialising in the Craneage and Rigging trades. Our team of instructors is vastly experienced in both areas and will assist you to recognise and work to the industry standards.

We can provide training on-site or at our facility – whichever works for you. We weren’t kidding when we said our training solutions are both flexible and adaptable!

From half day courses on confined spaces and working at heights, to two-day training courses for forklift and EWP tickets, using our Axcelerate scheduling program, First Choice Training Solutions are the first choice for high-risk work industry training solutions of the highest quality.